20 Brilliant Tool Storage and Organization Solutions

Properly organizing and storing our tools is something most of us strive for but it’s an ongoing process. And some of us [raises hand] are often far less organized than we’d like to be.

Seeing other people’s storage solutions, especially when they are ingenious ones, can help stimulate a little of one’s own re-org inspirations. With that in mind, we present a gallery of twenty solutions we hope will inspire some clever organizational ideas in you.

Suspended Jar Organizers

Let’s face it, there are few parts organizing schemes more universal than the jar lids screwed into a board rack or under a cabinet. Hey, it works! And it works for all kinds and sizes of containers.

From baby food jars to CD/DVD tubs and beyond. And, tin cans nailed from the side into a board are another perennial organizing scheme that would make your grandpa proud.

Plastic Jug Organizers

After the jar and can organizers come the milk jugs. More so than just about anything else, uniformity in a storage solution is extremely important. Having all of the containers be the same size and shape allows you the greatest storage efficiency.

Using the plastic milk jugs, kitty litter containers, and other plastic product containers is smart because you generate a lot of them and they are all of the same size. And they’re free and you’re recycling!

These are kitty litter (above) and chocolate milk containers. I love the idea of taping a screw to the container to ID what’s inside.

Toilet Tube Cable Organizers

And why overlook the lowly toilet paper and paper towel tubes? They are perfect for sleeving and organizing cables.

PVC Rake Rack

Once you get beyond the above “trashy” organizing solutions, PVC is a universal material for making holders of all sorts. Here, short pieces of PVC are fastened to two boards to create a rack for rakes, shovels, and other long-handled tools.

PVC Drill Holders

Make a Tool-Zine

To save space, consider making this type of pegboard tool “magazine.”

Overhead Tubular Storage

You’ve gotta love this idea of using a “sonotube” and some metal strapping to create overhead bins for storing light wood, piping, and other long stock. I think you’d want to be careful about the weight on this one.

Overhead Ceiling Bins

Using common materials like 2x4s and plywood, you can create these I-beam rails for overhead plastic storage bins. [

Magnetic Tool Hangers

In this Make: Project, Jason Smith shows you how to create simple mounts for hanging tools underneath cabinets with…. MAGNETISM.

Sliding Bolt Latch Holders

This is something I would never think of, a very clever solution to wheelbarrow stowage, using sliding bolt latches like the kind used on gates. There are probably numerous other applications for this idea.

Pie Plate Blade Holders

From Family Handyman comes this idea of using metal or paper pie plates to store circular saw blades on a wall.

Roll Out Storage Case

Portable Workbench

Building a workbench and tool racks in a multi-use space.

Pallet Bike Rack

Two pallets and a little cutting with a saw and voilà.

Parts in a Binder

Keeping small parts and electronic components in binders is something worth considering.

Oak Boot Rack

A rack for your Wellies.

Bungie Cord Netting

I never would have thought to use bungie cords as netting like this.

Insulation Board Tool Stab

A piece of Styrofoam or blueboard on the wall and you have yourself a convenient place to stab tools and components into.

Binder Clip Blade Holders

Here’s a super simple and clever way to hang your bandsaw blades.

Pegboard Tool Stowage

You can create little shelves for storing certain tools on a pegboard by bending straight pegboard hooks to create corners.

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