50 Refreshing Living Room Design Ideas

Is your living room getting a little bit drab? A major living room renovation is not always the solution! You can effectively revitalise a tired room by injecting few new features.

The strategic change can be a new bright rug, a refinished wall, or some amazing new throw pillows. Here are some refreshing living room design ideas to help you get started;

1. Innovative Lighting

Instantly upgrade your living room ambience with innovative lighting. Use strategic lighting to draw attention to outstanding design details.

2. Prints and Plains

Plain colours on big pieces and prints on small items. Walls, sofa, curtains, and table are all on solid hues, while throw pillows, the rug, centre pieces, and the column of the floor lamp all feature interesting prints and details.

3. Wood on White

The warm tones of natural wood balances the stark white. This is a classic living room favourite that has withstood the test of time. Add bursts of colour, like a bowl of greens, for interesting details.

4. Statement Wall Art

Easily transform a well-designed living room into a sensational show room! Just add an exceptional piece of art to add character and sophistication.

5. Bare Concrete Walls

Be different and let your walls go bare. The industrial feel of bare concrete lends a cool vibe into the room. Cushy pillows and fascinating touches keep the room warm and welcoming.

6. Wicker and Weaves

Inject something whimsical and raw with some weave and wicker! The burlap rug and wicker swings are charming as they are refreshing.

7. Lakeside Inspired

Take best of the marshlands into your living room. This small and sweet living room features the colours and patterns of the water, sky, flora and fauna of the gentle outdoors.

8. Yellow Delight

A burst of bright colours can relieve a stiff living room and turn it into something fun and energizing. Delightful yellow touches are perfect to the coolness of grey.

9. Shabby Chic Surprise

Adding something old and beautiful adds character to the room. The shabby chic centre table lends the room a fascinating charm that none of the newer pieces can deliver.

10. Modern Symmetry

When the modern living room design ideas and trends are more irregular and asymmetrical, make room for a classic, the perfectly balanced living room.

11. Geometric Wallpaper

Updating your living room doesn’t have to be expensive and extensive. One interesting wall upgrade is enough to give your living room a facelift.

12. Fuchsia Fun

This living room exemplifies fun, exuberance, and style!

13. Country Plaids

Add a serious old country vibe with some grey plaids. Throw in some plaid pillows, a country rug, and show a lot of wood plank floors

14. Mirrored Walls

Mirrors in living rooms are common enough. But when you have an entire wall of hexagonal silver bevelled mirror tiles, your living room is simply exceptional!

15. Pretty Pink

Soft pastel colours help create a comfortable and welcoming room. Pink is a sprightly shade and goes well with basic colours like white and grey.

16. Modern Rustic

Wood tones are great to adding warmth to a room. This rustic living room radiates the cabin vibe with a lot of outdoor touches – the rug, wood plank panels, centre table, and weaved rug.

17. Pops of Colour

Only for the adventurous and daring! This modern living design is not for the conformist. No expensive furniture or grandiose wall features needed, the abundance of glorious colours is more than enough character.

18. Magnificent Stone

The modern man cave! The splendid stone walls are imposing, tough, and extraordinary.

19. Amazing Centre table

Another easy way to upgrade your living room is by adding a really marvellous and beautiful centre table.

20. Exposed Brick Walls

Nothing like something surprising to rough up your otherwise ordinary living room. Just clean up a wall and expose the bricks.

21. Pink and Grey

This living room is cool, fun, and girly! For the grown up girls who are not yet ready to let go of pink!

22. Eclectic

A modern living room with just a little bit of everything. The eclectic mix include exotic Moroccan touches, a variety of frames, modern centre table, and classic white walls.

23. Elegant Pink Walls

Update a drab and overwhelming old living room by injecting some colour! Deep rose walls complements the wine velvet furniture and invigorates the rather dour atmosphere.

24. Cool Minimalist

Keep things understated. White walls and shelves, light grey sofa and floor. Touches of silver to add shine and cool grey-green pillows for colour.

25. Bohemian Glow

Elegance and bohemian don’t always apply together. But, in this living room, the rash Bohemian tones are subdued. The peach and gold combi is surprising, eye-catching, and elegant.

26. Blue and Peach

Another fresh peach concoction, this time blended with cool blue shades. The attention-grabbing rope and glass centre table captures the beautiful nonchalance of the room.

27. Street Scene Wall Art

This wall literally brought the streets into the living room! Everything else is muted to highlight the wall’s effect.

28. Black and White Stripes

Clean, crisp, and basic. Bold black and white stripes reminiscent of idyllic French outdoor bistros.

29. Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Want something rustic, interesting, and inexpensive for your living room? Add reclaimed wood panels to one wall for a countrified effect.

30. Shades of Purple

Love the confident beauty of this violet room – from the dusty periwinkle curtains to the delicate lavender pillows. Add touches of gold for some shimmer.

31. Whimsy Hodge-Podge

For the wandering mind – an artists’ room! A whimsical collection of colours, patterns, and textures.

32. The Rainbow Rug

If you can’t commit to a permanent change but want to refresh your living, just replace your old boring carpet with a rainbow rug. Same room, just enhanced!

33.   Marvellous Chandelier

Or install a breathtaking chandelier that captures the essence of the room.

34. Fierce Feline Theme

Cat and cat themed décor are fierce and beautiful! For people are still holding back on their feline instincts – this room is perfect. Just a hint of kitty prints, texture, and shapes.

35. Trendy Turquoise

Add a dose of invigorating colour to your basic modern living room design ideas. Cool turquoise is the ideal complement to the cool natural shades popular in today’s styles.

36. Built-in Window Seats

Throw away your sofa and chairs and install built-in window seats! This is perfect for rooms with marvellous views. Bare floors, wide windows, and off-centre tables keep the room open and spacious.

37. Warm Orange

Upgrade your classic formal living room by adding splashes of warm orange. Just thrown in some pillows and seat covers.

38. Relaxed Seascape

Can’t get enough of the sea? Create this cosy sea themed living room! White gingham, wicker, and fascinating seascape shapes and colours.

39. Scents and Lights

Instantly transform your daily living room look by adding few interesting candleholders and scented candles.

40. Exotic Interiors

Rev up the eastern vibe of your home with this Moroccan inspired living room. A beautiful Moroccan wedding blanket throws, intricate centre table, and few palms complete the look.

41. Exotic Blued

The nautical blues will evoke far seas, while the shapes and textures – the chandelier, reed lampshades, and golden fronds are all exotic Egypt.

42. Photo Gallery Wall

Use your living room wall to showcase your most special snaps. Attention catcher and instant conversation starter.

43. Deep Earth Shades

While the popular living room design ideas are more on the tans and browns, go deeper to get these cooler colours of the earth. Warm wood tones complement cool ore blues and greys.

44. Plant Accents

Add plant accents for a refreshed look in your living room. Plants also refreshes indoor air, so it’s also healthier for you.

45. Coral Prints

One great way to revitalise a tired living room is to dress up the walls! Find some fun prints of the same colour scheme and make matching frames. The vibrant corals simply pops out with the cool baby blue wall.

46. Bare Floor

If you want to plump up your living room – add more pillows and textures, but keep the floor bare and clean. A busier floor will only make the room cluttered and disorganised.

47. Cosy Monochromatic

Several shades of ashy grey make an interestingly cosy living room. Hype up the texture game and add some silver sparkle to break the tone.

48. Moroccan Poufs

Moroccan poufs are fun, exotic, and can be an interesting addition to any living room. They are often used as an ottoman or a floor seat. Poufs come in different colours, styles, and materials.

49. Olive on Black

Get this cool forest air by adding pops of olive. Rustic centre table, oak brown rug, and a bunch of ferns complete the room.

50. Mirrored

Reinventing your tired living room can be as easy as adding mirrors. Mirrors also make rooms appear larger and more spacious.

51. Bright Pastels

Need a room that will always perk you up? No room for gloom in this bright pastel living room.

52. Floor Cushions

Add a good measure of cosiness to your living with these delightfully welcoming floor cushions.

53. Black and Blue

Full on Goth! Let inner Goth revel in this black and blue room. White roses and silver candle sticks give such lovely eerie vibrations.

54. Sleek and Structured

Take out all the unnecessary fluff and let clean lines and structure of modern furnishings show.

55. Blooms on White

And if everything else fails, just bring in a bunch of lively blooms to colour up your basic white living room.

Do you have any refreshing living room design ideas and improvement that we haven’t covered?

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