small Modern Bathroom Upgrade Ideas and Designs

55 Modern Bathroom Ideas and Design

Bathrooms need renovations and upgrades once in a while. This is to ensure the maintenance and condition of the plumbing, utilities, and other bathroom comforts.

Bathroom renovations are also great opportunities for upgrades and design innovations. Here are the most popular modern bathroom upgrade ideas and designs.

1. Wood Grain Ceramic Tiles

wood grain bathroom tiles

Bring in a touch of minimalism. Take out bright hued and dramatic themed bathroom tiles and replace with subdued and natural wood grained ceramic tiles.

2. Inset Shelves

contemporary bathrool style

Remove clutter and disorderly shelves. Instead, add the very popular inset shelves.

3. Chrome and Glass Shower Partition

chrome and glass shower partition

Time to banish tacky and often errant shower curtains. This glass and chrome shower partition is classy, easy to clean, and will give your bathroom a smart upgrade.

4. Dark Stone Tiles

dark grey stone bathroom tiles

Take the ultimate contemporary upgrade for your bathroom. Install raw dark stone tiles to replace the soft and muted themes of old bathrooms.

5. Tub and Shower Combo

modern small bathroom

Want to take the shower out of the bath tub but don’t have enough space for both? This shower and tub enclosure is space efficient as it is urbane.

6. Sliding Barn Door

rustic sliding barn door

Need a little rustic inspiration for your bathroom renovation? Add a stylish rustic door barn. It’s fascinating, surprising, and space smart.

7. Open Shelves

hanging bathroom shelves

Take out closed bathroom cabinets and replace with open shelves. Floating shelves and this hanging shelves help to make the room appear bigger. The steel hooks complement the rustic wood wall planks.

8. Rain Showers

modern bath with rain showers

Bulbous single head spray shower heads are out, rain showers are in.

9. Creative Wall Feature

Sakura bathroom wall feature

Give one bathroom wall a facelift, and you change the entire room. One beautiful wall to change the commonplace bathroom to a very special personal space.

10. Paned Shower Divider

city scape bathroom

Bring the big city vibe to your bathroom. The paned shower enclosure is distinctive, striking, and perfectly complements the white subway wall tiles.

11. Minimalist Textured Walls

beige monochromatic bathroom

This minimalist and monochromatic bathroom is far from boring. The different rich textures of the walls and floor offer depth and sophisticated flair.

12. Multiple Steam Shower

multi-directional shower

When was the last time you actually enjoyed showering? Take your showering experience to the next level with this multi directional steam bath.

13. Silver Framed Mirrors

white stylish bathroom

Chic silver framed mirrors are great additions to a classic white bathroom. Elegant upgrade without compromising the white bathroom theme.

14. Hexagonal Pearl Tile Floor

hexagonal miniature pearl tiles

Pearl tile floors add a bit of shimmer without the glare. The unusual hexagonal shape brings in the contemporary touch.

15. Freestanding Minimalist Tub

freestanding white tub

Out with the claw feet and intricate etchings. Round, smooth, minimalist, and basic coloured bath tubs are in.

16. Creative Lighting

modern minimalist bathroom

Installing strategic lighting is one of the top modern bathroom upgrade ideas. Creative lighting highlights the good, hides the flaws, and delivers the mode.

17. Matte Black Faucet

contemporary black faucet

Anything matte black – faucet, sink vessel, knobs, or shower heads can instantly upgrade your bathroom.

18. Bathroom Skylight

modern bathroom with skylight

A skylight will open up the room and add lots of natural lighting.

19. Tinted Glass Sink Vessel

glass sink bowls

Modern glass sink vessels are unfussy, easy to clean, stylish, and eye-catching. You can even pick up colours that will complement your current bathroom décor.

20. Frameless Glass Shower Divider

small modern bathroom

Door less showers are in fashion, but if you don’t have a big enough bathroom, water spillage could be messy. Keep the room open and control water with a frameless shower divider.

21. Black Hexagon Tile Wall

black hexagon bathroom tiles

Modern, striking, and streamlined. Unique, stylish, and amazing!

22. Rustic Wood Divider

wood paneled bathroom divider

Add warmth and character to a rather stoic minimalist bathroom. This bold rustic wall and divider has a lot of that – character.

23. Luxurious Minimalist

luxurious contemporary bathroom

Marble doesn’t have to be limited to the countertops. When you want the best and nothing less, take out fussy floor and wall tiles, and lay out cool and fabulous marble.

24. Mother of Pearl Tile Wall Accent

chic modern bathroom

A feature section of shimmering mother of pearl tiles delivers a glamorous upgrade without the major work.

25. Discreet Medicine Cabinet

discreet medicine cabinet

With its various bottles, jars, and boxes, medicine cabinets can be a muddle. We can’t do away with it, but we can hide it.

26. Black Streamlined Sink

black modern bathroom sink

Black is a powerful colour. Uncluttered, clean lines, and basic colours are modern, sensible, and timelessly stylish.

27. Bevelled Mirror Wall Tiles

white bathroom with mirror wall

Bring in a lot of awesome factor to your bathroom with a mirrored wall. Make it a lot more exciting with bevelled mirror tiles.

28. Wood Textures

modern farmhouse bathroom

Back to the basics. Inject the idyllic, warm, and relaxing mode into your bathroom with a lot of wood details.

29. Modern Matte Black

modern black bathroom

Take out all the glare and the fuss and replace with straightforward black matte walls and floors. A touch of silver for shimmer. Cool and modern.

30. Teak Shower Floor

spa inspired bathroom

This small bathroom offers a lot of spa inspirations – warm teak shower floors, rustic counter, pebbles, and plants.

31. Bare Concrete Walls

concrete bathroom walls

You can also leave your walls bare! The simplistic and cool grey concrete gives off an austere and modern vibe that goes perfect with the stone pebble floor and silver fittings.

32. Stainless Steel Fixtures

stainless steel sink vessel and faucet

Steel emits muted allure and cool beauty. Upgrade your outmoded fixtures with classy and stylish stainless steel fixtures.

33. White Spa Bathroom

white spa inspired bathroom

Elevate your basic white bathroom with some serious details. All you need is to add white pebbles, textured tile floor, and a glossy white bath tub.

34. Metal and Stone Open Shower

modern masculine bathroom

This is an unapologetic masculine bath. The metal wall and shower floor are straightforward dominant. The giant stone addition provides a unique and interesting feature.

35. Pebble Tile Wall

white pebble shower wall

Make things a little bit more interesting! A smooth white pebble shower wall is unusual, fun, and striking.

36. Modern Rustic Combi

modern rustic bathroom

Don’t really like the cool and staid modern minimalism? You can compromise with just the right touch of warm wood. Inspiring and classy!

37. Hot and Cold Faucet

chrome hot and cold faucet

One of the easiest modern bathroom upgrade ideas is the replacement of fixtures. This fabulous and ultra-modern hot and cold chrome faucet is a design and function wonder.

38. No-Touch Toilet

modern angular toilet

Up your bathroom comfort metre. You deserve no less than this angular, modern, and innovative toilet.

39. Glass Bath Tub

transparent glass bath tub

Simply amazing! Who needs bulky bath tubs when you can have this transparent glass wonder!

40. Arabesque Decorative Wall Tiles

Arabesque bathroom tiles

Something artsy, something exotic. This sea coloured Arabesque tile wall is modern and timeless, glamorously understated.

41. Renegade Colours

multi coloured bathroom floor

The rest of the room is kept simple and bare to balance the arresting and captivating sea foam hues for your bathroom floor!

42. Black Marble Walls

black marble bathroom walls

Modern bathrooms are austere and unfussy. This black and white design is minimalist as it is luxurious with fabulous marble walls, modern tub, and teak wood floor.

43. Glass Accent Tiles

modern white and blue bathroom

Add a splash of your favourite shade to the basic colours of modern bathrooms. Glass accent tiles can be added to shower walls, tub sides, or floors.

44. Colourful Tile Feature

colourful tile wall art

Get crafty and creative! This DIY inspired bathroom upgrade only needs some colourful tiles, tiling materials, some basic tiling skills, and a lot of imagination!

45. Storage Surprise

discreet bathroom storage

Common to modern bathroom designs are clean uncluttered countertops. The secret to achieve the modern minimalist look are discreet storage. Yes, storage are still ample, just well-placed and away from plain sight.

46. Linear Shower Drains

linear shower drains

Inset shower drains are popular because they are discreet and can easily blend in with the flooring. LED lighted drains look more decorative than functional. Fun!

47. Wooden Bath Tub

modern wooden bath tub

This bare and utilitarian bath is also spectacularly modern! The bare concrete walls are just the right cool grey shade to complement the warm and welcoming wooden bath tub.

48. Patchwork Tile Feature

 do it yourself

Bring in some whimsical and fun air to your bathroom. This creative patchwork tile feature is absolutely cool, stunning, and extraordinary.

49. Striped Walls

white and green stripe bathroom walls

Easily upgrade your plain white bathroom walls with some cool stripes. This pastel green stripes add an air of casual flair and laidback style.

50. Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors

irregular shaped bathroom mirrors

Quirky and creative. Unique and fascinating. These mirrors are guaranteed to make your bathroom special.

51. Silver Walls

upscale bathroom with silver walls

Mesmerizing! This is one bathroom designed to impress. The walls and décor are minimal, but the silver walls are novel and gorgeous.

52. Hidden Lighting

upscale bathroom with silver walls

No garish lights for your new bathroom. Innovative hidden lights are among out favourite modern bathroom upgrade ideas.

53. Modern Angular Toilet

modern black and white toilet

Get a toilet that will complement the contemporary designs and minimalist theme of your new bathroom.

54. LED Waterfall Sink Faucet

modern faucet with blue LED light

You can install LED lighting in almost anything, including your bathroom floors and faucets. Done right, LED lights are beautiful and energy efficient.

55. Pastel Tiles

colourful bathroom with hexagonal tiles

This bathroom is simply beautiful – the perfect amalgamation of modern clean lines and whimsical colours. Muted yet striking, elegant, and fun.

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