40 Floating Shelves for Every Room!

When it comes to shelving, floating shelves displays have become a popular choice seen throughout modern interiors, emphasising clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Inspired by their hidden brackets and suspended form, we’ve compiled our favourite 40 floating shelving designs and how they compliment contemporary spaces.

1. The Rustic Kitchen Display

Adding warm redwood, cherry, mahogany, or walnut floating shelves will instantly transform a white kitchen from boring to chic.

2. Living Room Statement Shelf

Include this interesting floating shelf for an effortless unique and attention-grabbing living room.

3.  Boxed Library

Modern libraries with computers and other high-tech devices no longer need as much storage. Upgrade a stuffy library with this minimalist and modern box floating shelves.

4. Blank Wall Feature

Great option to fill blank walls – add floating shelves to hold decorative items!

5. Bathroom Mini Shelves

Add a few burnished wood shelves to your bathroom to hold odd items like candles, cotton balls, and toiletries.

6. Asymmetrical Shelving

Installing asymmetrical floating shelves will create a conversational piece, and room for almost everything.

7. Office Organiser

Keep your home office organised and neat with a couple of easy to install floating shelves.

8. Built-In Spaces

Take advantage of dead spaces by adding a few floating shelves. The additional storage room makes a lot of organisational difference.

9. Stainless Steel Display

These cool chrome floating shelves are stunning as they are easy to clean. Perfect for industrial and busy kitchens.

10. Closet Shoe Organiser

Extra shelves in the wall will greatly help you in organising your closet stuff. Floating shelves keep shoes visible, accessible, and in order.

11. The Entertainment Centre

Modern entertainment centres are lean and discreet. Give your living room or family a contemporary upgrade with this floating shelves and cabinet ensemble.

12. Alternate Nook Display

Having a hard time managing clutter? Add several floating shelves to one corner. It will become handy for almost anything.

13. Lights Underneath

Installing lightning underneath floating shelves is both decorative and functional. Ideal for pantry shelves.

14. Paved Photo Gallery

Add discreet pavements to narrow display floating shelves. This will keep picture frames slipping and falling.

15. Semicircle Planter Shelves

These cute floaters are very on trend! Perfect for small potted plants, flower vases, and ornaments.

16. Wine Service Shelves

Who needs a bar when you can have this handy wine shelving setup? Ideal for apartments and smaller homes.

17. Bathroom Glass Holders

Add storage space, manage clutter and keep the tranquil and aseptic look of your bathroom with a few glass floating shelves.

18. Corner Bookshelves

These white floating shelves keep books accessible and on display. The bright shelving enders add a nice pop of colour throughout the room.

19. Easy-Access Laundry Shelves

You need to keep things handy and at the same time organised in the laundry.

20. Sleek Angles

These dark rosewood shelves are both attractive and discreet. Ultimately stylish!

21. Display Corner

Easily dress up a corner with floating shelves.

22. Matched Panel and Shelves

Shelving is often used to offset or complement the wall. This panel and shelves match is modern, understated, and sophisticated.

23. Wrap Around Shelving

Maximise storage using wall space. Floating shelves help to open up a room and appear more spacious.

24. Stepped Up

Fun and eye-catching. Ideal for small corners that need increased storage space.

25. Kitchen Organiser

Keep dinnerware, utensils, small appliances, and other kitchen stuff off your countertop. Keep them organised and handy on floating shelves.

26. Foyer Table Replacement

Upgrade your entry by taking out that old foyer table and installing this ultra-modern and elegant floating shelf.

27. Corner Floaters

No room for bedside tables? No problem! You can install this compact corner floating shelves to even the crowded corners.

28. Rustic Wall Feature

Be creative and put together few pieces of recycled wood to come up with an ingenious wall feature like this.

29. Honeycomb Display

Decorative and functional. The honeycomb shelves will fit right in almost every room in the house.

30. Modern Minimalist

These slim metal floating shelves perfectly foil the wood panelled wall. The backlights complete the ultra-modern look.

31. Small Space Storage

Take advantage of nooks and small spaces by adding extra storage spaces.

32. Wall Accents

It only takes a few creative and striking floating shelves to relieve and dress up bare walls.

33. Trendy Triangles

Banish corners and add extra storage or display space with triangular floating shelves.

34. Cubed Holders

Cute and bold wall accents. Add few cube floaters in contrasting colours to energise a wall and hold adornments.

35. Bathroom Holders

Basic white floating shelves keep bathrooms tidy and organised.

36. Home Office Desk

Wall home offices are common. Office desks are no longer necessary, just install one sturdy floating shelf to serve as your desk.

37. Modern Pantry

Upgrade your stuffy pantry with minimalist floating shelves.

38. Black Contemporary

Black shelves against white walls. Minimalist and contemporary. Beautiful.

39. Grey Elements

Very contemporary design for the living room, den, or home office. Stone, fire, and metal blend perfectly for an ultra-polished look.

40. Funky Wine Display Shelves

Add a healthy dose of fun to your kitchen or dining room with this creatively hilarious floating shelf design.

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